Delivering comprehensive solutions for the woodworking industry-Maxicam

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MAXI-M4 Nesting with Automatic Pre-Labeling

In response to a changing market influenced by rising costs, customers are increasingly seeking automation solutions. Maxicam CNC Technology possesses the capability to provide complete CNC solutions, functioning as a batch size 1 smart factory with interconnected modules that encompass automatic material warehousing, automatic nesting, edgebanding, six-sided drilling, and board storage.

In addition to these interconnected solutions, Maxicam CNC Technology also offers each machine type as a standalone unit, or as part of an independent production cell configuration.

Workflow from software to CNC

Polyboard streamlines the design process for kitchens or fitted furniture projects with just a few clicks while harnessing the powerful capabilities of OptiNest for seamless integration with the nesting CNC.


M3 Venture Work Center cnc router

Labels can be applied to panels automatically or manually, providing valuable information such as batch numbers, edging specifications/placement, and barcodes for scanning automatically loading program data on the drilling machine.