4 Axis CNC Router

MAXICAM  4 axis CNC router is quite good at processing 3D workpieces. It generally falls into two types. The first type described hereunder is equipped with a rotating spindle that can swing by 180°. 4 axis CNC router can engrave 3D patterns and drill holes on side surfaces of wood, MDF, acrylic, foam, rubber, and other materials. For example, 3D letters, signs, reliefs, and sculptures.

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Maxicam  4 axis CNC router features a high-precision XYZ-A 4-axis linkage control system with an A axis that can rotate within a range of ±90°. The flexibility of the equipment allows it to process various irregular and curved surfaces. The multifunctional machine can carry out several processes including slot milling, punching, cutting, and carving.

Materials Cut

Foam, plastic, glass fiber, wood, etc.
Four-Axis Machining Center2-2-4-axis-cnc-router-ms1325ac4-series_084
  1.   Travelling area: 1300*2500*350 mm (X working width: 1000 mm)
  2.   6.0 kw HSD air cooling spindle made in Italy
  3.   A  Axis: ±90°
  4.   Syntec control system
  5.  T-Slot vacuum table (with one set Becker pump)
  6.  Servo motor and driver
  7.   DELTA inverter
  8.  Without software
  9.   Tool sensor
  10.   One set woodworking tools
  11.   Taiwanese HIWIN Linear rail
  12.  3PH 380V 50HZ
  13.   Plywood case


 4 axis CNC machine

Travelling size 1300*2500*350 mm (X working width: 1000 mm)
Table Size 1230*2500 mm
Transmission X/Y with linear guide, Z with ball screw
Table structure T-Slot vacuum table
Spindle power 6 KW HSD
Spindle speed 0-18000 RPM
Speed MAX travelling speed : 25000 mm/min
MAX working speed : 15000 mm/min
Drive system Servo drivers and motors
Working voltage AC380V/3PH/50Hz
Operating system Syntec
Net weight 1300 KG
Gross weight 1450 KG