COMPACT Vertical Drilling Machine 0924

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COMPACT  Vertical Drilling Machine 0924


● Easy operation, work-piece can be clamped once to reach automatically drilling 5 sides, cutting and grooving.
● This machine is a perfect solution that marries versatility and efficiency in just 5 m² of space.
● The laser scanner system that detects the dimension of the panel that enables the machine to compare with the barcode information and reduce error rate to 0.
● There are only 4 steps, scanning barcode, stamping foot switch, putting panel and pressing start button, people can handle it without any professional knowledge.

Traveling Size900*1300*180mm900*1300*180mm
Max Panel Dimensions2400*900*36mm2400*900*36mm
Min Panel Dimensions200*50*10mm200*50*10mm
TransimissionX/Y Rack and Pinion Drive; Z Ball Screw Drive
Table StructureAir Floatation
Spindle Power5.5kW MTC9 kW ATC
Spindle Speed18000r/min24000r/min
Traveling Speed80/60/25m/min80/60/25m/min
Drill Bank Config.9 Vertical +6 Horizontal +1 Saw
Driving SystemYaskawaYaskawa