MAXI-M4 Nesting machine

  • Automatic labeling, loading and unloading machines designed for maximum productivity with minimum labor.
  • Automatic labeling and sheet processing can be performed simultaneously.
  • The center uses a layout optimization system that enables milling and drilling of various shapes to reduce waste.
  • Syntec system, stable performance, can be operated without any professional knowledge.
  • Eight tool magazines to meet different types of needs, thus increasing the versatility of the machine.
  • Available in any type of table size with boring head and automatic tool changer.
  • Optional boring head and automatic tool changer
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series M4 1224 M4 1230 M4 1530 M4 2128  
travel suit 2500*1260*200mm 3140*1600*200mm 3140*1600*200mm 2900*2160*200mm
working size 2440*1220*70mm 3050*1220*70mm 3074*1550*70mm 2850*2130*70mm
aspect 10500X3200mm 12600X3200mm 11200X3500mm
net weight 3700kg 5500kg 6500kg 6000kg
strength 30KW 30KW 30KW 35KW
Spindle power 10/15kW
Driving speed 80m/min
Speed ​​of work 25m/min
Loading and unloading speed 15m/min
Spindle information 9KW 2400r/min
tool magazine Carousel 8
Table Structure vacuum table